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Allegiance Hospice

At Allegiance Hospice we are a team of Caregivers and Healthcare professionals who have come together with over 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry. We strive to serve our community with the best care through our caring and experienced staff. At Allegiance Hospice we believe that individuals seeking a Hospice Agency should be well informed about all the services we offer. You are not in this alone, we are here with you and we are committed to providing 24 hours support for our patients and family. Our Team is here to answer any questions you may have about Hospice Services.


 Providing Compassionate 
Hospice Care

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Hospice       Eligibility

Patients that have been diagnosed with a serious illness and certified by a Physician as terminally ill, with a medical prognosis of 6 months or less to live if the illness runs its normal course are eligible for Hospice Care. Hospice Services can be provided at



A Personal, Family Member or Friend’s place of residence.


Independent or Assisted Living

Licensed Independent or Assisted Living Facility where residents have chosen to stay.


Skilled Nursing Facility

Can be a Long-Term Care Facility, where the patient lives permanently.



A Hospice In-Patient Facility or a General Inpatient Unit that is contracted with Hospice Agency.


Personal Care Home or Group Homes

Senior Living Communities, Group Homes or Personal Care homes where residents have chosen to stay.


Wherever You Call Home

In summary, Hospice Services can be provided, wherever you live and where you call it home.

What is Hospice Hospice is a family centered care that focuses on improving the quality of
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Who pays

for Hospice?

Payments for Hospice Care can be covered by in a variety of ways, including Medicare (Traditional or Advantage Plans), Medicaid, Private Insurance, Private Pay, Charity Care and More. Most Insurances cover the cost of Hospice Care at a 100%. This is an important benefit that has been earned over a lifetime.

What is Covered

Under Hospice?



Depending on your terminal illness and related conditions, your Hospice care team will create a Plan of Care that can include any or all of these services.

Myth #1 Hospice Care Is Only for People Who Have Given up on Life It is a common misconcep
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