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Our Team


The physician who refers the patient to hospice care is an integral part of the team as they are aware of the patient’s medical history – inside-out. They help create a patient-centric and personalized home nursing plan for the team to follow.  

Social Worker 


The team’s social worker keeps track of the patient’s condition and deals with legal hospice needs. This includes financial payments, in-patient transfers, as well as Do-Not-Resuscitate orders.

Hospice Medical Doctor


Streamlining patient care, assisting in health care plan execution, and supporting the hospice team; the medical doctor is always on call for urgent hospice care matters.


With you in life and at death, our hospice team chaplain ensures the patient’s wishes are respected at the funeral, religious and otherwise. The chaplain can also officiate the funeral.

Registered Nurse Case Manager


The Nurse Manager is part of the team to bridge the gap between physicians, the hospice service team, and the family of the patient. They transmit information, keep track of symptoms, and ensures the patient’s physical and mental stresses are at a minimum. 

Bereavement Counselor


Our bereavement counselor visits the loved ones of the patient long after they have passed, helping them attain closure through sessions, therapy, and support.

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