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Helping Hands

Invest Your Time To Create An Impact And Make Lives Better!



Volunteer in the Leading Hospice Care Provider in Houston, TX


At Allegiance Hospice, we believe in joining hands to create change. 

While our medical personnel and care team have an essential role to play in hospice care, YOU and YOUR time are crucial in making a difference.

Spend Your Time in Something that Matters


Whether you are free for 30 minutes a day or have hours of free time; we ask you to invest in a purpose that bears unsurpassable returns.

As our patients battle against chronic and terminal illnesses, we need your help in alleviating their pain.

Type of Volunteers


Differing likes, varying passions, and vastly different schedules have meant our volunteer opportunities for hospice care are tailor-made to suit you and your convenience. 

Patient Care Volunteers 


To spend time directly with a patient, you are required to clear a 25-hour training course.

If you decide to become a patient care volunteer, here is a set of activities you are expected to perform:

  • Sitting with them

  • Translating

  • Interacting with them

  • Playing games 

  • Making calls

  • Playing music

  • Providing pet therapy 

Non-Patient Care Volunteers


If you wish to work with us, the team, in-office work instead of with patients, you can do so without any prior course. 

The tasks include:

  • Office help

  • Assistance in fundraising

  • Data entry

  • Filing and paperwork  

Be a Volunteer 


Does volunteering in hospice care in Houston sound like your kind of thing? 

  1. Write a short biography on why you want to volunteer

  2. Attach any required documents 

  3. Email at

  4. Wait for our call

Assist us in making a difference.!

Reach out to us today.





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